Crott Del Pepott

  • The proposals

    At Crotto del Pepott you can order traditional lake specialties, all prepared with fresh and genuine ingredients.

    Our menu includes:

    cold cuts at € 6.00,
    cheese for € 5.00,
    cold cuts and cheese at € 10.00,
    portion of polenta to € 4.00,
    polenta with cheese for € 8.00,
    polenta with porcini mushrooms € 10.00,
    polenta and eggs for € 7.00,
    polenta and missultin at € 10.00,
    sausage and polenta for € 9.00,
    ribs and polenta for € 10.00,
    mixed grill (ribs and sausage) and polenta for € 14.00,
    To drink we offer:

    water from 0.75 liters to 2.00 €,
    water from 0.50 liters to 1.00 €,
    gaseous or 1 liter froth at € 5.00,
    33 cl cans in cans at € 2.00,
    small beer at 2.00 €,
    average beer at € 3.00,
    33.4-bottle beer for € 3.00,
    special beers at € 10.00,
    coffee for € 1.00,
    The covered 1.00 per person and the sweet € 3.00

    The Cellar

    Our cellar offers bulk wines that can be ordered by the glass (1.50 euros), or in a quarter-liter carafe (2.00 euros), half a liter (3.00 euros) or a liter (6.00 euros) ).
    We have the red wine cellars Il Ronco (barbera) Vol. 12% and the white Trebbiano d’Abruzzo Vol. 11%.
    It is also possible to order a glass of prosecco for € 2.50.

    In bottles of 0.75 liters they have the Grumello, the Sassella and the Inferno of the Triacca winery at € 15.00 and the prosecco at € 14.00.
    There are also bitters and grappas, all at € 2.50.

    An excellent opportunity

    Those who prefer to opt for the full menu, can choose between three price ranges: the small menu from 18 euros, the normal from 22 and the abundant from 26.

    We will serve sliced ​​and cheese as an appetizer, followed by a mixed grill with polenta or, if available, the dish of the day.
    This includes both the covered and a bottle of water or a quarter of wine or a drink and coffee.

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