Crott Del Pepott

  • Service

    In this difficult year we have revolutionized our traditional service at the table, organizing instead the self-service service in times of great influx, where the customer himself will collect the dishes from the kitchen; this will allow us to protect you and protect us in this period of distancing

    The proposals

    At Crotto del Pepott you can order traditional lake specialties, all prepared with fresh and genuine ingredients.

    Our menu includes:

    sliced meat at €6.00′
    cheese at €6.00′
    cold cuts and cheese for €12.00′
    sciatt for 10 €,
    grilled cheese at 8 €,
    portion of polenta at €4.00′
    polenta and zola at €9.00
    polenta with cheese at €9.00′
    polenta with porcini mushrooms at 10,00 €’
    polenta and eggs at €8.00′
    polenta and missultin at €10.00′
    sausage and polenta at €10.00′
    ribs and polenta at €10.00′
    mixed grilling (ribs and sausage) and polenta at €14.00′

    To drink we offer:

    water from 0.75 liters to 2.00 €’
    water from 0.50 liters to 1.00 €’
    gaseous or foam from 1 liter to 6,00 €’
    candies from 33 cl to 3,00 €’
    small beer at €3.00′
    average beer at €6.00′
    special beers at €10.00′
    coffee at 1.00

    The covered 1.00 per person and the sweet € 3.00

    The Cellar

    Our winery offers bulk wines that can be ordered in a quarter-liter jug (2.50 euros), half a liter (5.00 euros) or a liter (8.00 euros).

    In the bottle of 0.75 liters we have Grumello, Sassella and Inferno at 18,00 € and prosecco at 16.00 €.
    There are also bitters and grappas, all at €2.50



    Menus for groups

    The mandatory set menu for groups from 10 people and up costs €24

    We will serve you sliced and cheese as an appetizer, followed by the grill mixed with polenta or, if available, the dish of the day.
    The covered and one bottle of water for every two people are included.

    The methods and details for booking for groups are described in the Contacts and Reservations section

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